Transformationthrough design.

In addition to designing the facility's exterior, Visual ID has also worked on designing the operational functions, logistics solutions, and interconnected infrastructure for the facility. 
The convention building in Arlandastad will be connected to the existing exhibition and event halls in Scandinavian Xpo, which were also the result of Visual ID's work. 
The proposed congress building will be situated to the north of the exhibition halls, along the E4 highway.

The ultimate objective is to expand the facility's capacity to accommodate twice as many seated participants, increasing from the current 4,500 to 9,000-11,000 in the future. Additionally, there are plans to include a theater seating hall capable of accommodating 3,500 individuals. It is also being considered to complement the building with a hotel. 
A detailed plan is available on-site, and the aim is to complete the project within a five-year timeframe.

Visual ID transformed the clients brief into tangible conceptual options. Allowing the group to find an optimal solution, which we developed into a final concept along with visualisations.

Arlandastad Group in collaboration with Visual ID for major convention center project.




OMNIWe have the conceptual strength and technical resources to implement digital functionality that connects your physical channels with your digital. Enabling new brand experiences, and new ways of connecting with your customers, and allowing the to shop at their terms.

RETAIL/EVENTWe have been trusted to recreate and maintain retail concept and events for some of the European top brands. Over the years we have become experts in adopting to new brand guidelines, as well as new market prerequisites, trends and technologies.

LOCATION DEVELOPMENTWe have been the go to partner for a number of land/real estate developers over the years. Whenever they have a new opportunity to jump on, we aid them in turning their knowhow, opportunities and problems, into tangible concepts and later design solutions.

PRODUCT & INTERIOR DESIGNWe own the competency to create award winning designs, from sketch to finalized product.

Every project begins by considering the customer's needs, the changing world around us and what competitors are doing.
Through development and with new solutions to problems, we create new opportunities.
Incorporating relevant and/or important factors as for example sustainable and minimal climate impact solutions.
Every detail in the area of design, construction and function is constantly improved to meet the demands of society and customers.

A creative R&D partner that assists in translating your requirements into conceptual design solutions with commercial value.




New concept
for car retailers.


Kia launched a concept for car retailers that reflects the brand's modern look and feel.

Visual ID adapted the concept to Scandinavian conditions, both in design and construction, but also in a more brand-building solution that integrates the purchase journey into one digital flow.

The concept offers improved customer service and an enhanced user experience through the use of modern tech.

Our design solution and construction are cost-effective and fast to implement on-site, which is important for big rollouts like these.


Cupra at Car Exhibition with our design.

The stage was set for the premiere of the new electric Cupra Tavascan, and entering the Cupra stand was a complete and immersive experience of the brand.
The booth showcased 40 square meters of LED screens with synchronized motion graphics, lighting, and sound. Furthermore, additional digital content was accessible through a large touch screen.
Visual ID successfully orchestrated the entire process, with full control over the design of the exhibition stand and the digital content.

Visual ID designs the Cupra Car exhibition stand for the eCarExpo in Copenhagen.

The document aims to ensure a consensus among all parties involved regarding the desired outcome. It is designed to inspire and generate ideas for future stakeholders, both internal and external, while also facilitating decision-making and evaluation processes.
The developed document will assist in briefing architects, establishing a procurement basis, fostering agreement with collaboration partners, and serving as a discussion point in workshops. It is a valuable tool for creating engagement, ensuring long-term value for the location, and fostering consensus and understanding of the long-term vision.

The document includes inspirational pictures and texts that illustrate the desired direction and principles for the development. It outlines the positioning of different activities, such as work buildings, interior spaces, public environments, and logistics. Furthermore, it encompasses the design of the airport, both its exterior and interior, as well as the inclusion of parks and movement areas.
The vision document also emphasizes the importance of creating common areas that foster a sense of community. Ultimately, the aim is to transform the area into an attractive destination that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for all.

The value of the surrounding area of Skavsta Airport is constructed through various components, as depicted in the vision document.

Visual ID has created a vision document for the surrounding area of Skavsta Airport, establishing strategic principles that serve as the foundation for the project's further development. 

Setting strategic principles for future development.




We specialize in evolving brands through their physical touch points.

The world is changing faster than ever, and brands must be able to adapt to changing market conditions and meet new customer needs and desires.

Many companies need to adjust their sales channel ratio to meet evolving customer expectations and reduce costs, while maintaining a strong brand experience and product offering.

By offering design strategy combined with tangible design solutions, we have the ability to create significant and positive change. Always working in close collaboration with our clients. 

Our focus is on physical touch points, including concept and product development, physical spaces, and integrating these experiences with online channels to create a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Visual ID

We have the expertise and resources to develop a comprehensive strategy, concept, and design, and to implement and optimize it.



Combining online and physical retail.

A new digitalized retail experience that will drive Telias sales channels closer to each other.


The Telia Company retail concept blends online and offline shopping for a seamless brand and functional experience. By identifying the best values and functions from each channel, we enhance the customer experience in both. Our goal was to bring this concept to physical retail and allow customers to switch between channels as desired.


Scandinavian modern with a digital feel

Experience, service and product, wrapped in a new style to correspond to Telia's new brand strategy implemented online.
Colored glass, 2D surfaces, thin planar design elements and digital screens add a digital feel. Scandinavian materials, colors and shapes tie the design together.


"Online shopping" is the underlaying framework for the retail concept, but we emphasise the unique values and functions that a physical retail environment can offer - such as personal meetings and tangeble experiences.




Bold designs for your ears.

Redefining a swedish car audio hero - Brand, strategy and product development.

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