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The powerful tool when working with real-time technology

Visual ID masters virtual real-time 3D in the Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine is a development tool when working with real-time technology. From design visuals and movie experiences to high-quality games across PC console mobile VR and AR.

Visual ID deliver cutting-edge content interactive experiences and virtual worlds. This together with our brand experience opens up opportunities to create, for example, digital showrooms in a completely new interactive and exciting way to provide customers with the most realistic experience possible. With the high-quality real-time rendering we can recreate reality as immersive experiences that are as effective as being in the real situation.

Even at live broadcasts online presentations or public events online we can create environments and offer new opportunities to entertain inform and inspire in a digital experience of the brand.

Electrolux COMEX, an annual gathering where over 250 employees from all over Europe gather to take part in product demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions for 2 days. In 2020 with the pandemic Electrolux decided to go  digital  instead of being in a physical location.

The result is a meeting platform in a mixed reality studio, where speakers with advanced camera motion technology can move between a physical and a three-dimensional, digital environment. 

Visitors and speakers can interact with each other through a digital/physic interface. In addition to meetings between people, Electrolux products are displayed in a virtual showroom, where participants can experience the products in a 360-degree digital environment.

Visual ID used Unreal Engine to live their brand in a digital real-time experience.