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The premise of the Telia Company retail concept is to combine online and offline shopping to create a seamless experience for the customer.
The key is an intertwined online and offline approach, using the best values from both worlds.

The online flow in retail

An online flow is well known by today's consumers, when it comes to the buying process. The consumer is used to be logged in to expect personally relevant information and offers.

Online shopping is the system for retail, but we add values to be in a physical environment with personal meetings, for even better advice and trust. In Telia stores you can get your purchase at once, or we can offer the pick up solution if that´s a delivery method the customer wants.

The consistent flow between physical retail and digital input makes it possible for both consumer and staff to jump between the channels without loosing the sale.

The Start

To bring a digital tech company like Telia into the future for physical retail stores we needed a bold vision for the project. Initial research, look at trends and a long term strategy for Telia as a brand and channels. After research, workshops, interviews and data collection, we presented the vision of the journey for retail: from physical environment to driving for digital sales in focus.


brainstorming thru out every process and using visualizations to quicker se the possibilities in ideas to get a concuss around the project and to beter try out ideas internally at Telia .

we defined what digital retail is for Telia

A vision on the digital retail flow for the customer in every touchpoint with Telia was developed and used as a roadmap for taking the next steps in the project.

The strategic concepts

digital, brand, sales, was used to start setting the overall strategy map for Telia to work thru and set up project groups in the origination to start working on the future of retail

converting the insights and strategy into creative visions.

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Finding the digital/Scandinavian feel

Product, service, experience, wrapped in a new style to answer to Telias brand strategy implemented online. what workflow and customer journey would the new store need to have to answer to the digital focus we wanted to implement into the stores had to be visualized.

zon funktions

after intervews and study from Telias stores and adding the new funktions into the layout and how they needed to work to funktion for big stors down to very smal stores without losing funktions.

s, m, l

scaling the concept and workflow for the staff to match the functionality in Small-medium-large to start the prototyping we started with a medium test store.


The focus on the costumer meeting is the key to the layout and it's all built around that experience in all the sizes for the physical retail.

Less is more

Digital is a making the online benefits into the physical space minimizing the need to show every product IRL yet have more options without needing the shelf space.

easy and faster

technical solutions needs more time per customer interaction. That is a problem if a customer just want to buy something without the need to wait. Buy it online or in the store on your phone or on the screens and pay and pick it up when you got the time or send it home!

You in the center

Building every customer meeting around that costumers needs (middle out!) with the Telia inspiration around that meeting with inspiring products relevant to the overall communication in Telias other advertising.

let us help you!

to minimize the waiting time in the stores we identified the need for starting up or identifying the reason for the visiting the store. This is mostly the meed for simpler problems that you can try to fix while you are waiting and then start the process earlier that can be overtaken by the store staff when its your turn. The possibility to use the suport on remote thru FaceTime video hooking up your divice can also minimize the time.


but stil have all the zones and the fictionality's in a smaller store.

Medium test

The medium was our first concept test store. The test was for the Design, workflow, material, digital, Sales, brand experience.


every furniture and zone in the store works together in how to use them in sales and experiencing hardware and services. The zones are all connected Digital with the visitor in focus.


All furniture needed to be scalable not only in sizing but also in functionality, Production price to be low but still have the quality witch the brand stands for!


Small but the same, the retail experience is with a digital first that makes it possible to keep the concept even in very small locations.

what happens

we tested the concept not only on square meters but more on fictionality for sales and demonstration possibility's with different layouts and zones


the need for flexibility in store communication to shift depending on location, waiting time, time of day, customized communication.

THE design is set

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principle drawings for production

Welcome zone

consultation zone

active waiting zones

partners zone

try-learning / presentation / sales zone

demo zone

pick up / shop zone

product focus tray

Your Telia / sales zone

extended products sales / Information