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The premise of the Telia Company retail concept is to combine online and offline shopping to create a seamless experience for the customer, both in brand and fuction.
The key is to identify the best values and fuctions from each channel, both on and off-line, and use this insight to create a better experience for the customer in each channel. Our project focus was to implement this notion in the physical retail world and at the same time allow the customer to jump between channels as they please.

An online mentality

The online shopping process is well known by today's consumers. The consumer is for example used to the notion of being "logged in" to be able to get personal and relevant information and offers. We utilize this in our concept, so that we can be more relevant to our customers and offer a wider range of products and services cross the sales channels. In the new retail concept it is for example possible to see more options of a product category on a dedicated touch screen. If the physical store display only offers five color options of a product, you can see the rest on the touch screen. You can filter the products after personal preferenses, and most of the digitalized options you can receive straight away in the store from our "pick up in store" counter.

"Online shopping" is the underlaying framework for the retail concept, but we emphasise the unique values and functions that a physical retail environment can offer - such as personal meetings and tangeble experiences.

The Start

To bring a tech company like Telia into the future of physical retail we needed a bold vision.

After research, workshops, interviews and data collection, we had created an exciting vision that our friends at Telia could establish internally, thus making it possible for us to move forward with the development. The mission was to digitalize the stores, drive sales online, and to connect the channels.


We conduct internal brainstorming sessions at Telia for each key area of the development and then compile the outcome and create visualizations of the ideas. This enables us to get a shared vision for the project and to create internal anchoring and consensus for those involved.

defining what digital retail is for Telia

We needed to create a framework for the digital integration in the stores. To be able to do this we had to understand what needs and demands both customers and staff has, and conceptualize solutions that answer to that. Our digital retail concept was then used as a roadmap in the further development together with Telias internal teams.

strategic concepts

stakeholders in digital, brand, sales and retail were used to start implementing the overall retail strategy for Telia. We needed to align the stake holders and react to thier input to be able to move forward.

converting our insights and strategy into a creative vision

How can new customer insights and a new way of working for the staff be expressed in a physical place. In this phase we explored physical functions and values that can elevate the concept and its offerings

Finding the digital/Scandinavian feel

Experience, service and product, wrapped in a new style to correspond to Telia's new brand strategy implemented online. We wanted the atmosphere to feel light, modern and inviting. We use colored glass, 2D surfaces such as lightboxes and thin planar design elements together with digital screens to add a digital feel. The design is tied together with Scandinavian materials, colors and shapes.

zone functions

We design and layout the stores based on our zone strategy. The stores are designed to answer to many diffrent scenarios and customer needs, we do not belive in one generic customer path trough the store.

regardless of size all the stores have three main zones - In the center we have service & personal meetings, then we have experince and last product. We add additional fuctionallity to that such as our "shop & pick up" counter for quicker sales and service matters.

mini, small, medium, large

Scaling the zones and workflow to create Mini-Small-Medium-Large store formats. We did a first prototype of the new concept based on a "medium" store format.

Human interaction at centre

The customer meeting is at the heart of the store. The relating experience area creates a natural transition from customer meeting to demonstration with the customer.

Less is much more

We utilize the benefits with online sales in the physical space, for example we minimize the need to show every product IRL - more product options without the use of more shelf space. It basically means that the physical retail and online sales systems are no longer isolated, but integrated to enable customers to move seamlessly between channels. With a premium selection displayed for touch and feel, the complete range can be seen on dedicated digital touch screens. Thogether with all the added functionallity that an digital interface can offer, such as filtering and buying guides.

smooth is fast

Service solutions needs more time per customer interaction. That is a problem for all those customer that just want to buy something quickly, without the need to wait.

Now customers can choose to place an item or offer in their online basket from the store via QR-codes, or make a quick order on one of the store screens and then pay and pick it up directly in the store.

personal meetings

Building every customer meeting around the costumers needs. The concept includes functions that enable new ways to meet and add value to the customers lives - beyond simply selling products. People can learn new things, be inspired - or just have a coffee.

let us help you!

To minimize the support waiting time in the stores we identified the need to identify the reason for visiting the store early. This is specially important for simple problems that you can be easy solved. By offering self service guides while waiting the issue can many times be solved before the need to involve the store staff. The customer is usually positive to a solution like this sins they know that they will save time or get help from the staff if needed. There is also a possibility to get support remotely via a video conference.

Medium store prototype

The Medium format was our first concept test store. It was ment to test design, workflow, material, digital solutions, sales and brand experience. Along with the production and implementation of the store.


Every furniture and zone in the store are connected and works together to create a complete experience.

furniture - smart use of resources

All furniture need to be modular and scalable not only in size, but also in functionality. Production cost are kept low by the smart use of resources and how effectively we can implement a new store. This ensures that our stores can still reflect the high quality of the brand.


With the help of our digitalized concept a high-level retail experience is still possible even in very small locations. The personal meeting is still in focus. A premium selection of products and services is displayed for touch and feel, where the complete range can be seen on digital touch screens. With bigger stores we offer more and more experiences, the mini store focus is on personal meetings and product/services.

Modul thinking

The concept is contructed out of modules, making it easy to adapt the stores to different conditions of the premise


The communication is mainly done via connected digital screens to enable easy updates, synchronization with campaigns and other channels.

THE design is set

The interior design and furniture are important for the function of the concept, we put big focus on the personal meeting. The central table is a key element of the concept. From here customer and staff get an overview of the sections of the store- Services and special offers, digital aids, the pick up counter and products on the walls for touch and feel are all within close reach.

principle drawings for production

Welcome zone

consultation zone

active waiting zones

partners zone

education & presentation

demo zone

pick up / shop zone

product focus tray

Your Telia / sales zone