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Next generation retail

Telia is Sweden's leading operator in mobile communications, fixed telephony, datacoms and broadband.  As their global retail design partner we have been pushed to continuously deliver cutting edge solutions for in-store shoppers. 

The Telecom Retail-World

The Telecom retail-world is complicated when compared to many other segments. The technology changes fast. Entirely new product categories emerge often, with constant releases of new products, creating high demand on both retail-solutions and the staff that sell them. Devices, software and product offers must all be explained and compared, while considering individual customer needs. In short, Telcom retail is more demanding than other straight-forward shops.

Visual ID has developed concepts together with Telia for 10 years, creating retail strategies and developing functional store designs. Brand experience, customer flows, products displays, omni channel and more, are all vital parts when designing optimal solutions for the modern shopper.

Customer Activation & Flow

Telia acts in a customer-driven industry. Services need to be explained and products are plentiful.  Therefore, the design strategy has been to emphasise customer clarity by using very structured exposure of Products, coupled with easy-to-understand communications regarding the Telia's Services.

Concepts should be simple, but flexible to be able to handle updates and changes over time. It consists of a basic scene that can be dramatized through content, for example in the form of campaigns and temporary guest games that color the in-shop experience for a determined time.

The digital content provides both inspiration and information, and combining digital and physical retail experience allow Telia to have more content and information, more quick changes, faster updates and much more. 

Innovation & Experience Lounge

Marshall was first to appear in this newly designed zone with launch of their mobile phone.

An addition to the campaign tables was to create cabinets with open shelves to expose product cartons and Marshall was very pleased with his presence in the Experience Lounge.

These new zones has become highly appreciated parts of Telias stores, they get both customers attention and allow opportunities for amplified partner/brand exposure. 

Limited time-cycles for activation of the surface keep the zones interesting and exciting for consumers.