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DRIVELAB is a think-tank with unique environments for testing.

Industry, authorities, research institutes and educators interact here to create better understandings, better solutions and a safer automotive industry. 

Visual ID was the selected partner for this full-scale design of corporate identity & location conceptualization, tying together test tracks, green areas and architecture with sales materials, merchandise and online presence.


DRIVELAB Stockholm is the inspiring location and concept where today’s automotive industry is ushered into the future.

The area is an incomparable development with access to more than 80 hectare (100 football fields), in closeness with the elements of the Swedish woods, two minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and 20 minutes from Stockholm.

Visual ID was contracted 2007 to create the DRIVELAB brand and the initial location concept but the project has grown and developed ever since.

Thanks to the wide range of services offered at DRIVELAB the location has become an important hub where businesses and stakeholders in the automotive industry can co-create and have access to top-of-the-line testing facilities, a training academy as well as modern hotel & service points for vehicles. DRIVELAB truly enable a speedy development of tomorrows automotive industry.


Part of Visual ID's work has been to update concepts as this huge project has developed. Plans are continuously fine-tuned to adjust for partners feedback and to fit the needs of potential stakeholders.

An example of this; dumpers and other vehicles where visualized on site depending on partner, to better connect with a potential corporate tenant.

The DRIVELAB project has been extensive and a very exciting development. For Visual ID it has been rewarding because so many different concepts and designs have grown inte an impressive reality. 


There are multiple Test Tracks at DRIVELAB.

One is geared towards static and dynamic testing as well as verification of simulation models. Acceleration, brake and lateral tests can be made, and much more.

Another track is regularly used by the Swedish Police and SMC for education. KTH Transport LABS and Elways use the tracks for R&D purposes. A 4×4 Track is in the making and will allow for testing and driving under more varied conditions for SUV's and similar vehicles. The course will be a challenging with steep hill, climbs and pot holes to test and conquer off-road driving situations.

Numerous events have been hosted at DRIVELAB by different companies. If you are interested in renting the a Track or establishing your company in this unique environment – contact Johan Lundberg at Arlandastad Holding: 070-1437773.

Visual Identity

DRIVELAB needed a visibly strong brand & identity that stood out against the nature that surrounds the location. The logo needed to work well on buildings, in signage, on different materials, on merchandise as well as on digital and printed surfaces.

A signal color was chosen to fit into the world of automotive and to stand out against the green surroundings, and the accompanying grey is from the track and asphalt. The fluid shape of the logo is a play on the curbed racecourse, and the letters DL from DriveLab.