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Upgraded use software to enable customers to always own the latest Apple devices, by paying a monthly fee and turning the old device in for a new. This looks and sounds like a lease, but customers actually own their hardware and can opt out of the program at wish.  Visual ID was asked to help explain and visualize this unique offer to consumers. 

Graphic Concept

How many old computers do you have laying in a closet?  How many cellphones are collecting dust in a drawer?  Upgraded Technologies have a shared-ownership solution that extends the use of each device, allowing consumers to pay for the early or late use of an Apple phone, ipad or computor.

Visual ID introduced a graphic concept we named 'OWN TOGETHER' and exemplified it in consumer touch-points. The concept is based on the symbolics of yin-yang which of course describe how two seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary and interdependent in the natural world.

The yin-yang notion fits perfectly with the Upgraded business model as we can view consumerism (wanting the latest) and conscious ownership (sharing a devise with others) as the two opposing forces, now working together through the Upgraded offer, letting one person trade their device in for a brand new, and handing over the old to the next person in the user-chain.

Retail Display Design

Several retail displays where visualized to explore what the Upgraded offer could look and feel like when introduced in partners retail environments.

Self-Service Concepts

Ideas for self-service stations at retailers were presented to help explain how consumers could learn about the Upgraded offer in a retail store, using touch-screens and digital solutions.

A lot of consumers are interested in learning about tech-products at point of purchase, and many feel most comfortable educating themselves.  They avoid asking staff, which demands a good self-service solution.

Reading about the Upgrade option on an i-pad, while playing with pricing/time/product options allow these customers to feel like they discovered something new on their own. With simple checkout built into the software the customer can make the purchase right on the spot.