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Scandinavian XPO

Scandinavian XPO multi-use facility is Sweden's newest meeting destination with over 40,000 square meters of combined meeting-space. It contains 3 exhibition halls, as well as comfortable lounge environments, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, event areas, conference rooms, training centers, golf clinics and several other activities.

With the proximity to Arlanda, as well as Stockholm and Uppsala, the accessibility is the best in the country. Free transport shuttles to the terminals makes a visit easy and efficient.

The location also provide a closeness to nature and outdoor activities, as well as strong partners, good infrastructure, the latest technology and world-class service. XPO´s   focus on sustainability and local production will make Scandinavian XPO a hub for traveling people as well as innovative industries and companies.

Scandinavian XPO is a part of Airport City Stockholm


Visual id was asked by Arlandastad holding, to create a vision for a new destination for an Expo that connect the airport and the city with a center with a train connection and to make the site perfect for organizers, suppliers and visitors alike. The vision was needed to inspire government and public to get on board for making this vision a reality.

A vision but now with a location

Arlandastad holding bought Eurostop a shoppingmall and quality hotel that would be the base for rebuilding and transforming into to the vision of a new center for meetings and Expos.

creating a concept with focus on experience, brand & design.

Now the vision needs to come alive , funktions needs and creative solutions for the future of meetings and expos. We worked closely throughout the concept face with all the parties in the project to make the most functional but also most attractive experience and spaces for the commercial products within the Scandinavian Xpo destination and connecting it to a digital functionality.

Sweden’s Chambers of commerce

Petter Stordalen presenting the Concept of Scandinavian Xpo

The Plaza

Made to link events inside the premises with the outside world, all to create the best conditions available for creative activations in different forms. With 3 large exhibition halls, several hotels, smart cargo zones, generous parking and the latest within meeting-technology we have pushed the bounderies on all fronts to make Scandinavian XPO the perfect location for organizers, suppliers and visitors alike.


We have designed the entrance - XPO Plaza - with great care, and with it included space for outdoor activities. Start the event by welcoming guests outdoors - in direct connection to the event-facilities. One important question was the connection from the old to the new, the old buildings needed to feel connected to the new hotel and XPO buildings. We designen multipel solutions for this but in the end we used the idea we cal the Flow to connect everything and also create a overall unity to the area.


A vision to have a Skybox for a conference with a unique type of setting. Use meeting-time in a fun way with Arlanda Airport's lights and movement as a dramatic backdrop.


package XPO and create a lead-generation website to gain attention and deliver sales-opportunities for this very versitile event faciliy using SEO, Adwords, and Social Media Marketing. Together with Patrik Slettman we made a very successful digital start for XPO to generate interest and test the products within the concept.

the inspiration for XPO

The location and the center to Scandinavian culture is the design direction we wanted for brand and architecture. Functionality and adaptation to other brands was a key to make a location that will work for other brands together with scandinavianXPO brand.


The Scandinavian XPO brand will convey a Scandinavian feel in color and form. A base of material in natural shades mixed with selected color components. It is a functional design that basically, with different expressions, contains playful and experiential elements. It is about environments with exciting lighting, graphic elements in both material and expression and color scheme. The graphic guidelines are designed to serve as a guide for the use of the brand in print, digital media and in physical form.

Signage System

To best connect our visitors to our location, services and wayfinding, we’ve built a sinage system that can be used in all our zones. From large signs needing legibility at distances, to small wall signage that only uses iconography, we have a consistent solution.

Facade Signs

These signs are large in scale, and show the Scandinavian XPO brand so people know they are near our area, or to simplify the way-finding experience for visitors.

updated vision

the PLAZA is dynamic in the use for whatever event you like to connect to the main halls inside, to be Abel to setup event zons as a intro where you can easily connect to electricity use digital screens and rebuild your zone with roof systems or why not create a food and service with food trucks to welcome your visitors.

the welcome zone intro

the center for the XPO experience will center around the meetings from a easy sit-down in the stairs to the top floor dedicated to meeting areas connected to the exhibition halls where you can connect the meeting to what's happening in the expo parts. the digital functionality is connected to the login state in XPO to give the complete digital interface in your phone to the signing within the area.

creating flow

every zone needs a a concept for handling people , digital information & , advertising.

digital entrence

the connection to the outside and the inside is made by the digital strategy that we call XPOloginstate this will make the most flexible and commercial solution for a omni experience and ad to the ScandinavianXPO destionation.

Scandinavian feel in color and form.

Light easy to adapt to other brands that is using the XPO will easily rebrand the space. The idee for costimising the space between the outside and the exhibition halls must be prepared to be used for events zones or working spaces or whatever is needed by the Exhibitors.

Meetings & presentations

We call it the Tetris concept, spaces that will adapt to the use needed.

we create Drawings for construction

instructions for material and constructions to maximize the meeting rooms and giva a clear brief to secure the most optimal usage of the area.

Material & construction

Based on our vision and concepts developed for every zone the need for understanding the impact of decisions based on cost and constructions or other factors we needed to visualize the coincidences to make it easier for the project grop to see how the end result was affected.

the basic

befor designing something outside the box we create a simple clean design to show a basic setup of furniture you can relate to that gives a understanding of the size and space we will be working with, then we can start creating the interior and experiences.

re Design

We deliverd directions how to implement the designs from the visions down to design solutions that had to be redesigned to fit the budgets or the constructions available from the contractor.

flexibel info desk

The project group wanted a dynamic info desk that easily can be transformed to smaller units to be placed in info zones when needed.

The stairs to a meeting

the stairs can be used for big presentations where the presenter is standing on ground floor with a big screen presentation facing the stairs the doors can open up and presentations where cars or bigger easy aces is needed makes it possible for creative presentations in a relaxed environment.

meeting rooms

the flexibility and sizing of rooms or the space between the rooms will be adaptable and change depending on the needs ,to fill up the spaces befor knowing the customers needs

The need for a office

social and informal meeting locations for the staff in connection to the meeting area was needed.

opening up

opening up to connect the office to the Exibithions hall`s and meeting zones connects and gives a great overly for the employee of XPO to stay connected to what's happening.

dubbel use

meeting rooms connected to the office can under high pressure events be used by visitors by closing the visibility in to the office.

the flexibel office need funiture

So we visualized a concept for that, XPOwork stations.

XPO & Hotel

this is a dynamic and flexibel area depending on the use that is needed the lobby can do the jobb.


activation can be synced to the XPO for events or extra check in desks or whatever is needed to make the area an experience.

zone thinking

Every zone will work for activating but can also funktion in basic mode.

ad on Funktion

funktions will be added on to XPO functionality after testing the zones in stages to be shore the need and idea for funktions is working and needed.

overal zones

Conecting the overall experience suronding ScandinavianXPO from inside to outside will make XPO to destination for the future , where you meet, eat, live, exercise and experience in a professional enviorment all conected with a flow maximizing everything.


render of XPO now more closer to the end result

Title headline

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project group from us

Matte Wiberg. Niclas Svensson. Oskar Lindblom. Steven Mcdonald. Patrik Slettman.