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When WESC looked to raise the bar for their audio-line, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan became the face, and Visual ID handled the design. 

The Colab

Swedish street fashion brand WESC was one of the first brands to launch headphones as a lifestyle accessory, complementing their apparel line. A successful extension of the brand that today forms the biggest and most successful product segment.

Visual ID and WESC teamed up to create a collection of headphones with the highlight being a premium studio headphone in collaboration with the artist RZA from hip-hop collective Wu Tang Clan.

Based on input from the RZA, Visual ID created concept, design and fully developed two headphone models for the artist. One was a street model headphone and the other a high quality DJ headphone that sold globally with great response within targeted markets.

The Collection

WESC wanted to create a completely new line of headphones to help elevate the overall segment. The task for Visual ID was to make different sets of headphones for the street and premium segments. A key factor was to design a versatile solution that allowed for seasonal adjustments, giving the product a longer life-span.

During the process five different headphones were created, covering entry, mid and premium price-point segments. Included three on-ear headphones, one in-ear and one premium over-ear studio headphone.

Street Ware Design

Piston on-ear headphone design. This was a commercial version made with seasonal updates in colors. The compact folding design was constructed for easy carry and storage. Piston was made hands-free with microphone and remote control. A best-seller!