Creative solutions that connect brands with consumers


We are a strategic Design Agency at our core, with professionals from a variety of backgrounds including business management, marketing & PR, industrial design, product development and hospitality.

We do Brand & Communication work as well as Product, Retail & Conceptual Designs.

As a team we work closely with clients delivering state-of-the-art concepts, always with the end-consumer in mind.


We are experienced Industrial Designers with best-selling products under our belt. We have created products in numerous categories from fashion, and apparel, to telecom and technology, to watches and accessories.

Case examples: TRETORN footwareWECS headphones


We make real estate & location Concepts that inspire. 
After understanding  a developers vision we create conceptual drawings. These designs are often the first time a team can see an idea as reality, helping stakeholders align and kickstart developments.

Case example: DRIVELAB center & hotel


Brand and Visual Identity is always exciting because it is about finding the essence in an organization. We see this creation as a mix of art & science. A mix we are good at. 

Visual ID has designed new identities and polished existent brands within Fashion, Technology, Hospitality, Banking, Media, Construction and Automotive industries, to name a few. 

Case examples:  CreateTribe AgencyYNOIR earphones



Great branding is at the hart of good communications and advertising that connects often stem from core brand values.  With the development of Social Media however, a product or offer can look and sound different on different platforms to best reach the its intended audience.

Visual ID can help find the way in the jungle of SEO, SMM, CPA, PPC etc.  Reach out and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.  Set up a communication strategy that will make you connect with customers in the real world as well as online.

PR can be your most valuable marketing tool if handled correctly.  We have landed stories in all major Swedish newspapers as well as worldwide publications such as Forbes and Monocle.

Case example:  YNOIR earphones


Weather you are making a product, raising a building, or explaining a new business process, there are few ways to better align visions and reach a mutual understanding than with help of visual conceptualization.

VISUAL ID help clients realize visions through designssketches, and 3D renderings.  If you have an outside stakeholder that need to be part of a development process, we help present drafts and absorb feedback, showing how new input is included and applied fast through immediate updates. This way of working makes the partner highly vested in the development which greatly reduces decision-making time, equalling real monetary savings.  Occasionally, this way of doing rapid-concept-development has been the single most valuable tool to get approvals and make a proposal become reality.



From a full retail concept, to a shop-in-shop, we are used to creating unique solutions to enhance customer experiences. 

Great retail concepts attract and create natural bonds between consumers and brands. Based on customer insights we design and provide solutions for modern retail environments and help implement in-store standards for consistent brand experiences.

We optimize consumer flows and integrate digital solutions if needed. As Retail Design Partner for Telia & Pocketshop, as well as Experience Design Team for BMW Sweden, we are used to handle longterm and strategic plans,  delivering cutting-edge concepts that make an impact.

Case example:  TELIA AB